Worship In Spirit and Truth Bible Study

Worship in Spirit and Truth

Review: spirit and truth

How can a person prepare himself or herself for worship?

Minimizing distraction

Remembering purpose Clothes, Cleanliness or other externals

What is God’s concern? What is your concern?

The Presence of God
The Body of Christ

Is worship personal, corporate or both?

The Gathering of God’s People

How can we honor God’s people appropriately?

Focusing on the Presence of God Some Lutheran conventions

In song
In prayer and confession
In Psalm or words of praise

Insights into Parts of Our Worship (both traditional and contemporary)

Hymns and Songs
Making the words your own

Singing to God or to the body of Christ When you don’t know a tune

Confession and Absolution
Your major battles with sin or those connected with the theme The purpose of confessing your sins
The purpose of spoken absolution

Readings and Sermons Pre-read

The Pericope
Sermon outline and questions

Verbal proclamation

Unity of the Body of Christ

Collect, Kyrie, Prayer of the Church Individual and Corporate Prayer Lord’s Prayer